All Phases of Tree Care Client Testimonials

As Tree Guardians, we strive to provide exceptional tree services and personal attention to all of our Clients in the greater Los Angeles area. Here's what they have to say about us.

Floyd Leverton and his crew have been taking care of the trees on our property in the Hollywood Hills for well more than twenty years. Floyd is a very spiritual man who cares deeply about trees and all things in nature. The work he and his crew do is impeccable. Each and every time Floyd and his crew come to do the tree work they arrive on time. They are very aware of the early morning hour and do everything to avoid making unnecessary noise, and when they use chain saws, they never start them up until well after 8:00am.

They take great pains to protect plants and shrubs as well as other areas of the property that could be damaged during the course of their work, and when they leave, the trees look great and there is no sign that they have been on the property.

I can say without reservation that Floyd Leverton and his crew are the finest tree crew we have ever had tend to the trees on our property.

M. Herman
Los Angeles, CA

I recently had the pleasure of having Floyd and his team at my home to care for several oak trees on my property. Floyd came to my home and quickly knew what needed to be done, and within a week had constructed a brace for our beloved oak tree to ensure long-term health of the tree, and also had his crew on site to trim both trees. I was blown away by not only how quickly he was able to get things done, but by the thoughtful nature he handled the entire process.

He and his team are all great people and I very much enjoyed having them at my home during their work!


Floyd Leverton is an expert tree trimmer. He knows exactly what to do for the health and beauty of plants and trees. He’s reliable, honest, knowledgeable, and respectful. Other tree trimmers might butcher your trees; not Floyd. He carefully shapes each one. His crew is trained to follow in his footsteps.

What a pleasure to have had Floyd care for our landscape these past fifteen years!

Jerrold and Frances
Sherman Oaks, CA

Floyd Leverton isn't a tree trimmer; he is the best tree sculptor in Los Angeles.

He doesn't just sell his services and move on. He will personally watch as each tree is manicured, he arrives early, personally supervises his crew while also ensuring there is no damage to surrounding landscape or property because for that day, he looks at it as his property.

I should know, Floyd has done all my tree work for more than 30 years.


We’re tree lovers. And Floyd has been caring for our property for the past ten years. He is a deeply caring, insightful man with great taste and compassion — and there is no one we trust more than Floyd to do what’s right for the trees that surround our home and fill our world.

Todd & Scotch

Floyd Leverton’s ALL PHASES OF TREE CARE has been taking care of our trees for the past 21 years. During all of that time his foreman and most of his crew have remained the same. Such loyalty from both sides, employer and employee, is very rare these days. The result is a coordinated machine that runs smoothly and efficiently getting the job done from top to bottom with no hassles or stress.

Floyd and his crew are not just craftsmen but artists as well. Our trees are beautiful sculptures when Floyd and his men are finished.

Another wonderful addition is that Floyd has, and demonstrates, a true spiritual connection to his trees. ALL PHASES OF TREE CARE is a wonderful package We would never use anyone else.

Greg & Heidi

I am a long time resident of Pasadena and we have lots of mature trees on our property. I have had Floyd Leverton trim my trees for over 8 years. Our giant Eucalyptus trees have never looked better...they are safe and happy with Floyd's expert team working on them. I highly recommend Floyd's work and we will continue to keep our trees in his qualified and expert hands.

Pasadena, CA

I can't remember if I've known Floyd Leverton for 10 years or 20. I'll have to ask my trees, which love him for his skill and attunement to their needs. I'm tempted to call him the "Tree Whisperer," but that's a cliché so I will refrain. Suffice to say that Floyd comes out to the site, spends time looking at the trees, and gives you a recommendation and an estimate.

Sometimes he feels a tree should not yet be cut — in other words, the health of the tree comes first. He always shows up when he says he will, returns calls promptly, is kind and courteous, and treats his workers with respect.

You may wish your trees grew faster for the pleasure of his company. If you are in need of an arborist, I highly recommend Mr. Leverton.

Dr. L. Grapes

Floyd and his men took down an immense 75-year-old elm tree with a working bumble bee hive, one limb at a time. He treated and brought back to life our gorgeous but somewhat diseased olive trees. Our camphor trees would get annihilate every week by the trash truck; Floyd and his men pruned them ever-so perfectly so they would no longer be in the line of fire and thrive. There was also the vine encrusted willow that Floyd provided CPR for, that is now stately and elegant.

Aside from all the above, Floyd takes care of other beings on my property. He and his men offer up much-anticipated snuggles to my dogs, they protect my flowers and shrubs, they are meticulous in their clean-up, and everyone is an absolute pleasure.

Bari E.

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