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We Love Trees

At All Phases of Tree Care, our goal is to assist trees in attaining their optimal health potential and aesthetic beauty.

For the past 46 years we have been providing exceptional tree services and personal attention to our Clients in the greater Los Angeles area. Over this time we have evolved, and a spiritual shift has taken place in the way we view our work purpose.

Man had forgotten how to request permission, how to honor, how to give thanks to all living things for the gifts we receive from them.

As the company owner, my perspective has insurmountably been adjusted. I now have developed sensitivity towards trees’ needs and forms of communication. While on a site, we now view the trees with our eyes and listen to them with the heart. It is a privilege to provide care and maintenance of the "Big Bosses" - the trees.

As a Tree Guardian, my continuous goal has been to restore a spiritual ceremony, though non-traditional by today's standards. This ceremonial reconnection honors the traditions from our past and allows me to be in open communication with the trees while we work with them.

It would be our pleasure to team up with you for tree work.

Thank you for being a care taker of nature. We thank you. The trees thank you. Humanity thanks you.

Most Sincerely,
Floyd Leverton

All Phases of Tree Care Services


Mature trees need pruning to remove dead and dying branches. Young trees need structural pruning to ensure they have a solid framework to grow big and strong. Branches are pruned to keep the tree proportional, healthy and safe. In addition to risk, health, and structural pruning, we also prune trees to improve aesthetics.


Our goal is to help keep your trees healthy, but there are times when a tree is dead or has become a hazard, and removal is the only option. During removal, we take all necessary precautions to protect your property, and leave the stump as close to the ground as possible. We also recycle cuttings by donating the woodchips.


There are times a tree may not be able to support its own weight. Tree trunks and large branches can fail and result in property damage, personal injury, or reduce the health of your tree. We provide custom supplemental support systems to limit movement and structurally support your tree to reduce the risk of failure.

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